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"The forest is the pulse of life. It's nature spreading out."

Cosmovisões da Floresta was a meeting held on 13 May 2023 at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio), intertwining Selvagem and Ore ypy rã - Tempo de Origem, a project articulated by curators Sandra Benites and Anita Ekman to scan and 3D print ceramics from the Marajoaras and Sambaquis Zooliths collections, in order to make these collections accessible.

On this day, the two projects shared activities with songs, talks and a morning of autographing and launching the book Umbigo do mundo, by Francy Baniwa and her father Francisco. The launch featured a speech by Francy about her book, as well as Baniwa dances and flutes, played by Francisco and Fabrício Fontes Baniwa, the author's father and son, respectively.

Cristine Takuá and Carlos Papá were also present, bringing prayers, songs and talks about Nhë'ery, the Atlantic Forest for the Guarani, integrating the narratives of this forest with those brought by Francy Baniwa from the knowledge of the Baniwa people of the Upper Rio Negro in the Amazon.


Photos: Ju Chalita


Veronica Pinheiro, coordinator of the Childrens' Group of the Selvagem Community, offered a fabric painting workshop using natural paints, continuing the action "The children created memories", which took place at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture (MUHCAB) on 13 April 2023.

To make the urucum (annatto) paste used in the workshop, we received a large donation of fruits from the annatto tree harvested by Nina Arouca, a teacher and artist, and her son Zion Lima. Kauê, 10, the son of Cristine Takuá and Carlos Papá, showed us how the Guarani make annatto paint and took part in the workshop, sharing his knowledge and art with other children. Twenty-seven children took part in the activities, as well as parents, teachers and undergraduate art students from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).

After the end of the activities with the children, undergraduate students from UERJ took part in the event; the Art Teaching Methodology III class approached us to talk about the research process and the organisation of activities with children based on traditional knowledge. Teachers from the municipal public school system also took part in the conversation.