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We are all one single life. One world and one same substance.

With every birth, the Earth makes up a new way of being, out of its own matter. One life form is not separate from others: there is a thread that connects each of us to life as a whole. From before we are born and throughout our lives, we are at the same time the caterpillar and the butterfly. The ancient, the present and the yet to come.

In a cycle of continuous transformation, life passes through each of us, varying, moving: in metamorphosis. The real subject of every metamorphosis is the cosmos, in which the Earth, our home, is embedded. Every living being is a patchwork built from ancestral matter that comes from far away, permeating everything we know and everything we don't know.

In this online cycle, we delve deeper into this investigation: what are we? What is life?

The cornerstone of our studies is the book Metamorfoses, by Emanuele Coccia, published by Dantes Editora. 


The aim of the meetings is to introduce and deepen, in the sequence in which they are presented in the book, some of the matters that we believe to be crucial in Emanuele Coccia's book. To this end, references from other works by the author, other philosophers, writers and artists, and indigenous peoples and thinkers are also mobilised.

The Metamorphoses online cycle includes 4 recorded meetings, notebooks and other complementary materials, which can be accessed via the icons on this page.

We also recommend reading the book Metamorfoses, by Emanuele Coccia, the cornerstone for the creation of this cycle of studies.

Study material