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The Symbiotic Planet cycle was carried out between March and April 2023 by Selvagem in partnership with Escola de Botânica and offered a journey through the work and thinking of Lynn Margulis.

The basis for the cycle was the book Planeta Simbiótico, the film Symbiotic Earth by John Feldman, and the research of the speakers and participants for each meeting.

It includes the recordings of the 4 meetings, Notebooks Selvagem and complementary materials, which you can access via the icons on this page.

Lynn Margulis (1938-2011) was a remarkable scientist in many ways. Her work shook up outdated structures of scientific thinking about life. Lynn deepened and disseminated notions about evolution, showing that it is "not a linear movement", and that symbiosis, coexistence between different organisms, is the main driver of evolutionary innovation.

The book Planeta Simbiótico: um novo olhar para a evolução (Dantes, 2022) , which inspired the cycle, allows us to understand the marvellous complexity that exists in the movement that life makes to maintain itself, over 3.8 billion years in constant innovation.

Speakers: Alessandra Araújo, Marko Brajovic, Thalita Campbell, Guilherme Abuchahla and Gustavo Rodrigues Rocha

Mediated by Anderson Santos


LINN WORLD, A synthesis of a symbiotic cycle