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On 23 October 2022, Selvagem, in partnership with Dantes Editora, held an in-person conversation on TEACHER PLANTS at Casa França-Brasil in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, celebrating the magnitude of forest knowledge and the knowledge that is passed on through plants.

The event was opened with a prayer by Peconquena, from the Shipibo-Konibo people of the Peruvian Amazon, and chants by Carlos Papá and Cristine Takuá. The round of conversations between Ailton Krenak, Jeremy Narby, Carlos Papá and Peconquena was interspersed with smoking and music by Gui Alves and Luiz Guello. We closed with chants by Cris Takuá and Carlos Papá.

On this occasion, there was also the launch of the book Plantas Mestras – Tabaco e Ayahuasca (Dantes, 2022), by Jeremy Narby and Rafael Chanchari Pizuri, with illustrations by Peconquena.

The meeting was prepared with great care, given the challenge of talking about teacher plants in an open circle, in the centre of a metropolis like Rio de Janeiro. We also faced the challenge of launching the Wild Arrow 7 in a place where the fate of plants such as sugar, coffee and tobacco was to pass through human bodies and be consumed in harmful ways, generating addictions and environmental exploitation.


All the photographs of the event are by Mariana Rotili, who also created the series Plantas Mesclas, a collage of the plant-people who accompanied us and sustained the field of encounter with the human-people, represented by the four guests invited to this conversation: Ailton Krenak, Jeremy Narby, Carlos Papá and Peconquena.


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