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The invisible world is far from irrelevant. The discrete beings of the microcosm are the ones who sustain the structure of life on our planet, carrying out the fundamental processes for the existence of life on Earth. 

Invisible designs that enable the world as we know it to exist. Decomposition processes that allow the metamorphosis of matter and the transformation of life forms. Cycles of nutrients and chemical elements that play a role in regulating the biosphere. 

Crossing life in its many dimensions, invisible beings also cross the themes and materials of Selvagem – even if they are not always noticed. From DNA and mitochondria, in Serpente Cósmica, to invisible spiritual beings and the canoe of transformation in Antes o Mundo não Existia, passing through Biosfera, Metamorphosis and Regenerants of Gaia cycle, and thus continuing past cycles.

The cycle includes 4 online meetings, notebooks and complementary materials, which you can access via the icons on this page.