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"A library made up of orality, a library where silence is not requested."

The Ailton Krenak's Library, or BAK, as it is affectionately called, is an initiative of the Selvagem Community with Ailton Krenak's speeches on the internet.

As well as cataloguing Ailton Krenak's speeches, this space also organises studies and plants dreams that are sown through Ailton's speeches.

BAK's activities are divided into four branches:

  1. Organising and updating the collection;
  2. Conception and production of Senta que lá vem história, seasonal themed meetings with special guests;
  3. Creation of texts based on the meetings and transcription of Ailton's speeches for BAK study videos;
  4. Creation of lists of BAK materials to be made available in quickly accessible studies on a given theme.

General BAK meetings are held every fortnight on Mondays from 9am to 10am.

Suggested materials

You can use this form to suggest YouTube videos, podcasts, interviews, articles or papers to be made available on BAK.

To help with organisation, we kindly ask that, before submitting your suggestion, you do some research to check if the material is already registered, so that there are no duplicates : )