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The Children Group is organised along three axes:

1 – Sun and myths: collecting, cataloguing and producing materials that radiate from the many narratives about the Sun;

2 – Cosmic energy: creation of workshop manuals and coordination of actions with communities, schools and other institutions;

3 – Songs, games and plays:surveying, cataloguing and preparing materials.

Click here to access the content produced by the Group.

Group coordinated by Veronica Pinheiro to engage in dialogue with children and the basis of education, presenting non-hegemonic and more inclusive narratives, connecting Selvagem materials with exclusive content produced by the Children Group aimed at children, schools, mothers and fathers, community projects and institutions, etc.

The Children Group project organises meetings with children and teachers in public schools, museums, villages and quilombos to share artistic and cultural knowledge and practices mediated by indigenous and quilombola people.

Our meetings have the following structure:

  1. Storytelling: Indigenous mythology and the mythology of the orixás; 
  2. History and culture of indigenous and African peoples: the relationship between race and environmental racism
  3. Workshops: knowledge, practices and technologies
  4. Outings for children and carers 
  5. Seminars and continuous training for teachers

Meetings are held every fortnight on Wednesdays at 4pm.