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Community participants transcribe, translate and proofread the texts, essays and articles that result in the Notebooks Selvagem and the subtitles for the course's audiovisual productions. Currently, the community of volunteers mobilises 1 transcription group and translation groups in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Japanese and Guarani. 

The Notebooks Selvagem are sources of study and have irrigated multiple consciousnesses, circulating in different educational spaces and inspiring initiatives, reflections, creations and the flourishing of partnerships. Made available at no charge for reading and downloading, they broaden access to the narratives studied at Selvagem. 

More than just working groups, these spaces are forums for study and exchange in the field of translation and text preparation. It is possible to suggest texts and collaborate with the whole process of producing the materials. Translation and proofreading guidelines have been drawn up to coordinate this participatory and open editorial experience.

Revision Guide

Translation Guide