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Selvagem's first in-person meeting after the period of pandemic isolation was like the kiss of a hummingbird, a brief gesture that pollinates and nourishes. On the afternoon of 14 May 2022, a meeting took place at MAM-Rio to discuss learning, education, educational institutions, living schools, the challenges of pedagogies and the strengthening of the transmission of traditional knowledge.

The event was accompanied by the chants of Carlos Papá and Cristine Takuá and the drums of Babalorixá Dofono D'Omolu. We invited Cristine Takuá, Muniz Sodré, Luiz Rufino and Thelma Vilas Boas to this round of reflection with Ailton Krenak, the advisor of Selvagem cycle.

The kiss of the hummingbird celebrates the presential state of the encounter and evokes reflection on small collectives as a possibility of pollinating action in the face of monocultural pedagogies.

Where a terreiro (yard) is installed, there are no more peripheries. The terreiro is a centre of worlds, just as a village is. A school is an opening up of a village-terreiro in space-time, recognising itself as an epicentre.

School, here, in the original sense of the word: scholé, leisure, free time for dialogue. We want to think about creating worlds, "where the river can escape damage, where life can escape the stray bullet", as Ailton Krenak said in his conversation with Muniz Sodré "Cartographies to postpone the end of the world" at the 2021 edition of the Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP).


Photos: Beatriz Machado