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We are part of Gaia, the Earth's planetary living system. A system that self-regulates, recycling all its atoms without leaving any waste. This huge collaborative process is what we call life. Today, however, Gaia is suffering. Another system has been developed by the capitalist project, involving a huge part of humans and causing global warming.

Products are generated in mass, stemming from the extraction of what is called raw material. Consumption is an important link in this chain of actions, it is where all people connect and become part of the incessant production of things, of merchandise

Faced with this huge market that eats up the planet and produces an overwhelming amount of fuel and plastic, metal, fabric, paper, glass and so many other products, what can we do?

The core of everything lies in our drive for life, what we want, what life we dream of. They sell perfect lifestyles that cost the planet dearly and are cruelly inaccessible to the majority of the population. In this way, the dream of having perfect lives and achieving it through consumption is manipulated, as is the pact with the need for products in order to be happy.
Transforming what we dream of is, therefore, one of the ways forward. Transforming our cognition, programmed for the capitalist utilitarian system.
This cycle is for anyone seeking to open a window on this matrix called humanity and search for ways to become a regenerator of Gaia.

It includes 4 recorded meetings, notebooks and complementary materials, which you can access via the icons on this page.

The meetings were mediated by Fabio Scarano, one of the thinkers in the Selvagem constellation.
Fabio is a professor of Ecology and head of the Regenerative Futures Chair at the Brazilian College of Advanced Studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He has taken part in various Dantes Editora projects and published Regenerantes de Gaia (2019), which, partly, inspires this cycle.
We also invited the artist Mitti Mendonça to accompany the meetings and create embroideries inspired by the conversations.
Mitti Mendonça is from São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, where she lives and has her studio. She is the creator of the artistic label Mão Negra Resiste, which aims to promote black protagonism in the world of art.

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