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Selvagem's first manifestation was the conversation circle in 2018. Selvagem was thus born under the sign of circularity, also expressed by the graphic representation of the ouroboros.

Selvagem derives from SELVA (jungle). It is also how the civilised call what cannot be used for cultivation, the uncultivated. Reflecting the synchronous balance of the cosmos, everything in the jungle is in constant relationship and dialogue. Nothing is alone.

Plants, together with their ancestral cyanobacteria and algae relatives, are the creators of the formula that transforms solar energy into matter, photosynthesis. This ancestral transmutation provides food for all animal beings, directly or indirectly. Permeating everything is DNA, the code that designs existences, the molecule of life in the shape of serpents that traverses the beings of the future as well as ancestry.

This first edition of our cycle of studies on life, mediated by Ailton Krenak, took place on 13, 14 and 15 November 2018 at the Botanical Garden Theatre in Rio de Janeiro. At the time, the discussions covered the origins of life, DNA and master plants, themes that are still developed and deepened in various contents of the Selvagem cycle.